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Protecting The Rights
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Attorneys at Law Offices of Gary R. Carlin, APC have been fighting hard for
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Fighting For Employees Since 1970

Your job and your career can be a source of tremendous satisfaction, particularly if you have a positive work environment. California has many outstanding employers, but any organization may have supervisors, managers and other executives who subject employees to unwarranted reprimands, demotions or wrongful terminations. If you find yourself in this type of situation, it is vital to understand your rights as an employee.

Law Offices of Gary R. Carlin, APC works to protect employee rights. Since 1970, our law firm has established a proven track record of advocating for clients against employee mistreatment, harassment and discrimination. As dedicated employment law attorneys, we are fully prepared to represent anyone who has been wronged in the workplace.

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Dedicated To All Aspects Of Employee Law

If you have been the victim of discrimination, harassment, retaliation or another employment law issue, let us put our experience to work for you.

Law Offices of Gary R. Carlin, APC is committed to serving employees across the spectrum of work-related legal issues, including:

  • Employment law: From whistleblower retaliation to wrongful termination, our firm represents employees in a variety of employment claims.
  • Workplace discrimination: Discrimination can involve race, sexual orientation, gender, disability and other factors outside of your control.
  • Workplace harassment: No matter why harassment occurs or who is involved, the law protects you. We advocate for safe work environments.
  • Wage and hour claims: You deserve fair pay for honest work. When an employer delays wages, refuses to pay overtime or eliminates your breaks, learn about your labor rights.
  • Workers’ compensation: Work injuries leave employees with medical and financial losses. Seek fair compensation that covers both short-term and long-term damages.

We will vigorously fight for what you are entitled to, which could include compensation for back pay, benefits and damages due to emotional distress. We are seasoned professionals who will advocate for you in negotiations and in the courtroom.

Reclaim Your Career | Restart Your Life

Your career opportunities and how you feel in the workplace can have a profound influence on your life. Work injuries, unpaid wages, workplace bullying and other employment issues do not have to undermine your rights. 

For a free initial consultation with one of our skilled Long Beach employment law attorneys, call us at 562-606-0382 or toll-free at 866-915-3589. If you prefer, send an email using our online submission form. We serve clients throughout Southern California. Our fees are on a contingency basis; you do not pay unless your case brings a successful recovery.

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Class action lawsuits allow employees to seek justice for a labor law violation that affects each person in the group. Our white paper describes common class action claims, such as improper wage deductions, unpaid overtime and meal and rest break violations. The document also explains the unique legal aspects of class action employment lawsuits within California.