Wage And Hour Class Action Lawsuits

When it comes to being fully paid and fairly treated as a worker in California, the law is clear, but some employers break the law. When that happens, employees can obtain legal advice and seek proper compensation through class action lawsuits.

A class action is a type of lawsuit in which a "class" of people — such as a group of individual workers who are employed by the same company — is represented together by an attorney or a team of attorneys. If you or one of your family members was denied his or her rights as an employee, get the legal advice you need.

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The Advice You're Looking For

At Carlin & Buchsbaum, LLP, our attorneys represent workers in class actions related to critical wage and hour issues like overtime pay and other payroll violations, as well as meal breaks and rest breaks. We have been fighting for the rights of employees since 1970, and we can fight for you if your case qualifies under the Private Attorneys General Act, commonly known as PAGA. We can provide answers to questions like:

Every case is different. Talk to a lawyer about your legal matter. Read our helpful white paper about employment class actions, PAGA and strength in numbers.

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