Employer Violations: Meal Breaks And Rest Breaks

Even the strongest, most energetic employees get tired and hungry. In California, workers are entitled by law to meal breaks and rest breaks.

Unfortunately, some employers neglect the law when it comes to required meal breaks and rest breaks. It happens to all kinds of workers. If you have been cheated by your employer, talk to an experienced lawyer about it.

Protecting The Rights Of Workers

Attorneys at Carlin & Buchsbaum, LLP, help California workers protect their legal rights regarding meal breaks and rest breaks. We represent employees in class actions related to wage and hour issues.

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Our firm has been working for the interests of employees since 1970. We can answer critical questions like:

  • What can I do if my boss has repeatedly denied me my break?
  • Can my boss prohibit me from leaving the work premises, or can I go out to a restaurant at lunchtime?
  • Does my employer have to pay me for keeping me on-site during a break?
  • Am I entitled to a break after working a certain number of hours?
  • Can my employer interrupt my break within the allotted 30-minute period?
  • Am I entitled to a break during every shift?
  • What if my boss doesn't allow me a break before the end of the fifth hour of my shift?
  • Sometimes I work six or seven hours without eating — is that grounds for a lawsuit?
  • What if my employer manipulated the time clock?
  • What is PAGA, and can it help me?

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