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Many people do not pay too much attention to their pay stubs. That's especially true for salaried employees or hourly workers whose pay seldom varies from pay period to pay period.

However, California places a strong emphasis on the content of pay stubs. In fact, an employer that fails to provide all of the required information on a pay stub or salary statement may be subject to hefty penalties. An employee whose employer has not provided this information may be entitled to up to $300 (plus attorney fees and costs) for each pay period in which the pay statement did not include the required information.

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Required Information On Pay Stubs

California requires employers to provide nine vital pieces of information on every pay stub:

  1. Gross wages earned
  2. Net wages earned
  3. All deductions
  4. Total hours worked, including rest break time and waiting time for piece rate employees*
  5. Start date and end date of the pay period
  6. Number of piece-rate units earned and any applicable piece rate if the employee is paid on a piece-rate basis*
  7. Name of the employee and the last four digits of the employee's Social Security number
  8. Name and address of the employer
  9. Applicable hourly rates in the pay period

*Not required for salaried exempt employees.

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