Fighting For Victims Of Workplace Discrimination

You should not have to put up with discrimination in your workplace. If you are being mistreated because of your membership in a protected class, it is important to contact an employment law attorney as soon as possible.

At Carlin & Buchsbaum, LLP, we have been assisting clients with discrimination matters for more than 45 years. Based in Long Beach, our law firm serves people throughout the Los Angeles area and across Southern California.

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Committed To Protecting Employees' Rights

No matter what type of workplace problems you are facing, our firm is here to help. We provide strong representation in a wide range of discrimination cases, including:

  • Age: Have you been targeted in a layoff, while younger workers kept their jobs? If so, call our knowledgeable team to see if you have a case.

  • Disability: Contact our law firm if you have been terminated due to an injury, illness or disability — or if your employer has denied accommodations, benefits or disability leave.

  • Gender: If you have been denied raises or promotions because of your gender, our skilled lawyers are here to help.

  • National origin: Have you faced inappropriate comments or a lack of employment opportunities because of your culture, ancestry or birthplace? Protect your rights by calling our law firm today.

  • Pregnancy: If your employer fired you or treated you differently because you were pregnant, it is crucial to speak to an experienced employment law attorney right away.

  • Race: Contact our skilled lawyers if you have experienced any discrimination based on your race. We will fight vigorously to defend your rights.

  • Religion: Has your employer refused to provide a work schedule that enables you to observe your religious beliefs? If so, call our experienced legal team today.

  • Sexual orientation: Despite the progress our society is making, many people still face discrimination in the workplace because of their sexual orientation. Contact our knowledgeable attorneys to learn how we can assist you.

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