Lawyers Representing Victims Of Gender Discrimination

If you are performing the same job as your co-workers, you should receive equal pay. Unfortunately, at businesses across the country, women often receive significantly less than their male counterparts. In many cases, women are passed over for promotions, with the positions given to less qualified men.

If you have been a victim of gender discrimination, you need an experienced employment law attorney on your side. At Carlin & Buchsbaum, LLP, we have provided strong representation to employees for more than 45 years, and our successful track record speaks for itself. Call today to learn how we can assist you.

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Fighting Workplace Discrimination Based On Gender

Both sexes can suffer gender discrimination, but it is more common with women. We often find that our female clients worked in jobs for many years with salaries that were not even remotely comparable to those of their male counterparts.

We find that female employees are often criticized and denied promotions due to a perception that they lack the same ambition as their male counterparts. This rests on stereotypical beliefs that women are more interested in raising children and getting home at a reasonable hour than men are.

In our experience, the reverse is often the case — and employment litigation is an effective way to reverse these gender biases that creep into an employer's employment decisions. At Carlin & Buchsbaum, LLP, our workplace discrimination attorneys are committed to helping you achieve the best possible result in your case.

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