Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys

For many women, pregnancy is one of the happiest periods of their lives. Family, friends and even total strangers congratulate you and wish you well. While employers aren't required to offer congratulations, per California law, they must provide a protected disability leave, reasonable accommodations for doctor's visits and a protected time for bonding after your baby is born.

If your employer has fired you, laid you off or otherwise mistreated you because you are pregnant, you have legal recourse to protect your job and your career. Consult an experienced employment lawyer about protecting your family and your rights.

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Pregnancy Discrimination: It's Against The Law

You can't be fired, terminated or laid off because you're pregnant. In addition, you can't be harassed by your employer because you're pregnant. If your employer begins nitpicking your job performance or criticizing you for missing time from work due to pregnancy-related appointments, you can take action.

At Carlin & Buchsbaum, LLP, our workplace discrimination attorneys have successfully represented thousands of Los Angeles area employees whose workplace rights were violated. Those clients received awards or settlements worth more than $100 million in present value.

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If you have experienced pregnancy discrimination, you could be entitled to back pay and benefits, plus damages for emotional distress. The first step to securing your rights is to sit down and talk with an employee rights attorney.

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