Racial Discrimination: It's Against The Law

The fight to end racial discrimination continues every day. The struggle goes on in our nation's capital, and it continues in the Los Angeles area, where unlawful discrimination still occurs far too often in our workplaces.

If you have experienced discrimination based on your race, you owe it to yourself, your family and those who will follow you in your workplace to help end it. If you've been ignored or retaliated against for speaking up about racial or ethnic inequality at your workplace, it's time to take the fight to another level by speaking to an employee rights attorney with extensive experience and success in fighting racial discrimination.

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When Racial And Ethnic Bias Is Used Against Employees

Too often, employers ignore the racial and ethnic biases some people in positions of authority hold. Because of their biases, these supervisors and employers treat employees differently, with members of one race or ethnicity given preference over others.

At Carlin & Buchsbaum, LLP, based in Long Beach, we have represented thousands of Southern California employees in our decades-long fight against workplace discrimination. Those clients received awards and settlements totaling over $100 million in present value. If you have suffered racial or ethnicity discrimination, you could be entitled to back pay and benefits, plus damages for emotional distress.

When you contact us, we will sit down with you and talk confidentially about your situation. Through an investigation of any evidence you might have regarding your discrimination claim such as emails, medical records, personnel records, voicemails and photos, we will help you determine if your case has merit. If it does, we will take up the fight for you, conducting an intensive investigation and aggressively litigating claims on your behalf.

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