Lawyers For Victims Of Sexual Harassment

Many people believe that sexual harassment on the job is simply a part of life that must be accepted, no matter how unpleasant, disruptive or demeaning it becomes. Sexual harassment creating a hostile work environment is always wrong.

The employee rights attorneys of Carlin & Buchsbaum, LLP, can help. Whether you are a woman or a man, if you are being harassed at work by another woman or man, you have rights that can be protected. The first step in protecting yourself is to talk to an experienced employee rights lawyer to determine if you have legal recourse. We will listen carefully to establish the merits of your case. If we take your case, it will be on a contingency basis: Our fee is contingent on getting our client a recovery.

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Ending Workplace Sexual Harassment

If Carlin & Buchsbaum, LLP, takes your case, we will conduct an intensive investigation of the circumstances surrounding the sexual harassment you were subjected to, whether physical, visual, written or verbal. If you've reported the harassment, your employer may have excused the misbehavior if it came from a valued supervisor or employee. In other cases, the human resources department of a company might gloss over a complaint, allowing harassment to continue.

In all sexual harassment cases taken by our attorneys, we aggressively seek justice on behalf of our clients, whether it's through settlement or litigation. If you have been a victim of retaliation after reporting sexual harassment or been pressured to submit to a quid pro quo arrangement for sexual favors, our attorneys are experienced in protecting Southern California employees against wrongful termination.

Contact Our Hostile Work Environment Attorneys

To schedule a free, confidential consultation regarding workplace sexual harassment, please contact Carlin & Buchsbaum, LLP, today. Our law firm serves clients throughout Southern California. We handle cases on a contingency basis, meaning you will not pay lawyer's fees unless you win your case.

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