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3 examples that may represent wrongful termination

When you lost your job, you may have felt completely caught off guard. You may have thought that you were doing well, avoiding behavioral issues and getting along with most, if not all, of your co-workers. Still, you ended up in a meeting with your boss where he or she dismissed you from your position.

Because the sting of the firing feels immediately hurtful, you may have questioned your employer about his or her decision to let you go. However, you feel as if you did not receive a satisfactory answer, especially when you know that other workers perhaps should have faced the chopping block before you. You may begin to wonder whether you were possibly the victim of wrongful termination.

Discrimination at work isn't ever acceptable

There isn't ever a good reason for an employer to discriminate against someone based on things like gender, marital status or other protected statuses. When an employee is subjected to this type of atrocious behavior, he or she might decide that he or she is going to take legal action. This might be difficult to prove, but we are here to help you figure out what direction to take your case.

There are some cases that might not really seem like discrimination when they are. Some workers who work with the public might not realize that their employer has a duty to protect them from harassment and discriminatory actions from customers and vendors when the employee is on the clock.

Pay discrepancies based on gender shouldn't happen

There are pay discrepancies that occur between men and women. Some people think that this happened only in days gone by, but this is still an atrocity that is going on now. This is despite the Equal Pay Act that was passed in 1963.

Employees need to realize that there are some employers who are going to try to push the limits and get away with whatever they can. When you are being given less money than a man who is doing the same job, you might decide that you need to look into your options for making the gap nonexistent.

Are you having a wage and hour problem at work?

Federal law requires employers to pay their hourly workers at least $7.25 per hour. Most states, including California have their own minimum wages set, with this state being at the high end of the scale at $11.00 per hour. Before you obtain gainful employment in this or any other state, you'll likely want to research current wage and hour laws.  

If you've already been working at a particular company for some time and think your employer may be violating your labor rights, you may want to discuss the situation with someone well versed in state labor laws. The bottom line is that your employer must compensate you according to the law if you work more than eight hours in a single day or 40 hours in a specific week.  

Former government aide sues for wrongful termination

California is one of the strongest and most diverse economies in the world, and that is no coincidence. The state is home to some of the smartest business owners and managers because they respect the need for diversity and acceptance at a human level.

The Golden State has several laws that protect workers from sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. These are in addition to the federal laws that prevent inappropriate behavior and protect those who report it to effect change in their offices, businesses and work sites.

Know what to expect from your employer after a workplace accident

A workplace accident will have a negative impact on your life in many ways. From your medical bills to your ability to continue with your career after your recovery, there are many issues that could cause financial hardship. You have a right to financial support through a workers' compensation claim, but it is beneficial to have a full understanding of your rights. 

Your California employer plays a role in your workers' compensation claim. There are certain things it must do, and understanding your employer's responsibilities can help you protect your rightful claim to benefits. When navigating this insurance claims process, you may find it helpful to have the advice and counsel of an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

Requirements for military caregivers to receive leave

If you qualify as a military caregiver to a covered service member, then you may have the ability to take up to 26 weeks of unpaid leave to provide care to your loved one. In general, this means that the individual receiving care is your parent, spouse, child or that you are their legal next of kin.

Even if you meet the qualifications to serve as a caregiver, the individual receiving care must qualify as a covered service member. Covered service members must be:

  • Currently serving members of a branch of the Armed Forces
  • Currently receiving treatment or therapy or in recuperation or in outpatient treatment, or
  • Temporarily retired due to disability because of serious illness or injury

Will your boss accommodate your disability?

Your disability already complicates many activities other people may take for granted. Whether you have a physical or mental impairment, every day brings challenges and obstacles. Perhaps your disability is obvious, for example, if you use a wheelchair. However, you may be one of many who suffer from invisible impairments such as diabetes, bipolar disorder or hypertension.

No matter your health issues, you want to work, and with a few reasonable accommodations, you are able to perform the tasks associated with your chosen field. When Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act, they required employers to make those accommodations for anyone who would subsequently be able to complete the  tasks required by the job.

Woman aren't usually accused of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is usually associated with power-hungry men who are in a position of power. There are very few cases that center around a woman being the aggressor in the case. This happens for a few reason, but it is imperative to remember that women can be the party who is harassing someone else.

One of the primary reasons that seems to come up as to why women aren't accused of sexually harassing people is because men might not want to complain about a women in this manner. Their pride might stop them from saying anything about what happened. This is a hard spot for a man to be in because they are usually groomed to be tough. Some might even think that they should be happy that a woman was showing any type of interest in them.

Employment law standards are meant to protect employees

All employees have specific rights in the workplace. When these are complied with, the employees have a safe work environment. When they aren't, the workplace can turn hostile and unsafe. This is why these laws are so important.

It is almost impossible for employees to be intimately familiar with the labor and employment laws that impact their job duties. This is where we can help. We can discuss the conditions that you are facing so that we can determine how to address them.

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