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July 2012 Archives

Los Angeles Rite Aid manager wins disability discrimination suit

Two years ago, a store manager at a Rite Aid located in Los Angeles was informed by her doctor that she had developed a "serious disability." Fortunately, the woman's condition did not prevent her from being able to perform her work duties. But five months after telling her employer about her condition, the woman was fired. After reviewing the woman's disability discrimination case, a Los Angeles jury awarded the store manager $3.5 million in damages for wrongful termination, discrimination and retaliation.

Man says supervisors failed to address complaints of harassment

No man or woman should ever have to be a victim of sexual harassment, especially in the workplace. In Los Angeles and throughout the entire state of California, employers are responsible for maintaining safe environments for their employees, and employers are also responsible for making sure that employees and supervisors receive proper training on workplace sexual harassment.

Ex-Wet Seal employees sue California-based retailer for race bias

As diverse as our streets of Los Angeles are, bias toward others because of their race or national origin still exists in our communities, schools and even in the workplace. We have a long way to go to eliminate racial discrimination in the U.S., but for now, there are certain actions that can be taken to bring justice to workers who have been discriminated against in the workplace because of their race.

Disabled Los Angeles County worker reaches settlement in lawsuit

In 2007, a criminal court bailiff in Los Angeles County was put on patrol duties by the Sheriff's Department even though the department knew that the employee suffered from physical disabilities. The woman could not perform some of her patrol tasks because she had suffered herniated discs in her lower back. She also suffered from nerve damage and had torn her Achilles tendon.

Judge says security guard employer violated California break laws

Workers in Los Angeles and throughout the entire state of California must be allowed to take lunch or rest breaks as mandated by state and federal labor and employment laws. According to one judge's recent ruling, a rest or lunch break is not considered an official break unless an employee is allowed to be free of all work duties while on break.

Are maternity and paternity leave laws better in California?

Earlier this year, the National Partnership for Women & Families published its analysis of parental leave laws in the U.S. The group compared state family leave laws in order to determine which states do a better job of protecting workers who are new parents.

Coach in Los Angeles County says he was fired because he is gay

Hoping to set an example for all employees who have been discriminated against in the workplace because of their sexual orientation, one California man is now pursuing a wrongful termination lawsuit against a school district that fired him because he is gay.

Employee for Celine Dion claims singer failed to pay overtime

Not all employees in California are entitled to overtime pay. However, there are instances in which employers may take advantage of wage and hour laws in an attempt to avoid having to pay workers for overtime. Sometimes employers simply may not realize that they have misclassified workers as salaried employees instead of hourly employees, denying workers overtime pay that they may be legally entitled to.

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