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August 2012 Archives

Official from Los Angeles suburb wants severance pay after scandal

Two years ago, municipal officials in Bell were required to go public with their salaries. Shortly after their salaries were made public, corruption charges were filed and several of the highest paid city officials were fired from their jobs.

Pregnancy, breast-feeding should not cause woes in the workplace

Pregnancy is an exciting time for many women. Of course, the thought of being responsible for another being may be somewhat intimidating, but becoming a mother and raising a family is also a very rewarding experience.

Los Angeles actress sexually harassed then fired for complaining

Some workplaces in Los Angeles are more laid back than others. But this does not mean that workers can act inappropriately toward their colleagues. All workers in all occupations have important rights, and all employers must make sure that these rights are properly protected.

Black Swan interns claim Fox Entertainment Group broke wage laws

This week, a judge will review four interns' claims in order to determine whether they can file a class-action lawsuit against Fox Entertainment Group. The interns claim that the company violated several minimum wage and overtime laws before changing its unpaid internship program in July 2010.

California woman says Disney discriminates against Muslim workers

Children and teens can be immature and say hurtful things to others who are different from them. Parents usually tell their children to simply ignore someone else's hurtful words. People don't expect adults to act this way toward others, though, especially in professional settings like the workplace. And when this type of behavior does occur, it should not be tolerated.

Workplace retaliation claims on the rise in California and U.S.

Workers in Los Angeles and throughout the entire state of California have important rights in the workplace that are protected under anti-discrimination laws and other employment laws. Of course, these laws don't always prevent problems such as harassment and discrimination from occurring in the workplace. But these laws do mean that employers must make sure certain steps and actions are taken to properly address employees' complaints of harassment and discrimination.

Retailer CEO fired because she had breast cancer, claim states

Three months after informing board members that she had breast cancer and would be undergoing treatment, the CEO of Tuesday Morning Corp. was fired. Not only has she had to battle cancer over the past few months, but now the woman is also fighting to get her job back, which she says she never should have been fired from.

Los Angeles reporter says she was fired because of her age

During these tough economic times, many workers in Los Angeles might be feeling more stressed than normal. Folks who are working in a struggling industry might be worried about losing their jobs. Others might be feeling the financial stress from freezes on raises or cuts in bonus programs. But one issue workers should not have to worry about is losing their jobs or being denied a promotion because of their age.

Wage and hour violations common in Los Angeles restaurant industry

When an individual is newly hired, Los Angeles employers trust that the employee will do his or her job duties as expected. Likewise, employees trust that their employers will compensate them for their work as agreed upon when accepting a new job or promotion. Employees also trust that their employers will pay them correctly according to California and federal wage and hour laws.

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