Los Angeles reporter says she was fired because of her age

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During these tough economic times, many workers in Los Angeles might be feeling more stressed than normal. Folks who are working in a struggling industry might be worried about losing their jobs. Others might be feeling the financial stress from freezes on raises or cuts in bonus programs. But one issue workers should not have to worry about is losing their jobs or being denied a promotion because of their age.

Age discrimination is illegal; yet, some employers continue to deny employees promotions or choose to fire workers because of their age. Earlier this year, a Los Angeles television reporter and anchor was fired after she turned 50. Initially, Telemundo claimed that the anchor had been laid off. But after a younger woman was hired to replace the anchor, the woman suspected that was a victim of age discrimination in the workplace.

Last week, the former anchor filed an age discrimination lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court. The reporter and anchor had worked for a news station in the Los Angeles area since 2003. During her employment, the woman claims that she had raised concerns about harassment in the workplace with Telemundo and NBC Universal. But after raising her concerns and after she had turned 50, the woman was laid off.

The lawsuit claims that the woman was replaced by a younger woman at the station in an effort to boost the station’s ratings. The lawsuit also argues that the woman’s employer had fired her so that they could hire a younger worker at a lower pay rate to save the station money.

Older workers who are fired or laid off and then quickly replaced by younger workers may be victims of age discrimination. Under these circumstances, workers may be able to take legal action in order to get their jobs back, which they have worked so hard at.

When an employer violates age discrimination laws, the employer could also be required to compensate an employee for back pay and other damages. When an employer fails to protect an employee’s rights, the employee should not be responsible for the financial consequences.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, “Former Telemundo Reporter Sues Claiming Age Discrimination,” Matthew Belloni, August 1, 2012


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