California job applicants accuse In-N-Out of age, race discrimination

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Earlier this month, two California residents filed a workplace discrimination lawsuit against the popular restaurant In-N-Out Burger. According to the class action lawsuit, it is nearly impossible to get a job at one of the many restaurant locations in the state if you are black and over the age of 40.

Race and age discrimination is illegal in the workplace. This means that employees have a right to file workplace discrimination complaints without having to worry about losing their jobs or being retaliated against for raising their concerns with supervisors. When employees’ rights are not adequately protected after employers become aware of discrimination and harassment in the workplace, employees may be able to take legal action against employers.

What some Los Angeles residents may not realize is that they may also be able to file a lawsuit against an employer if they believe that they were denied a job or a promotion because of their age, race, gender, national origin, religion or disability.

According to the lawsuit that was recently filed against In-N-Out Burger, the restaurant discriminates against qualified job applicants who are black and over the age of 40. During the summer, two men applied for jobs at two different In-N-Out Burger locations in California. Both men are black and older than 40. Both men were qualified for the positions they applied for at the restaurants. And both men never received offers to work at the restaurants.

The men believe that they were victims of race and age discrimination. The class action lawsuit states that In-N-Out Burger employees are “predominantly” younger men and women who are not black. By filing a lawsuit against the restaurant, the men hope to put an end to the company’s “discriminatory hiring practices.” The two men are also requesting back pay.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Lawsuit claims In-N-Out keeps out older and black applicants,” Tiffany Hsu, Sept. 7, 2012


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