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October 2012 Archives

Magic Johnson fired flight attendant because of her age, suit says

In Los Angeles, an employer can choose to fire an employee for almost any reason, or even no reason at all. This is because many employment contracts are considered to be at-will, which means that employers have no legal obligation to keep an employee for a specific duration of time unless specified otherwise in an employee's contract.

California farmworkers file lawsuit over dangerous work conditions

Our Los Angeles employment law blog has mainly covered topics regarding harassment, discrimination and wage and hour violations in the workplace. But California employers are also responsible for keeping their workers safe from common hazards in the workplace.

Waitress sues Beverly Hills restaurant for not disciplining manager

When an employee is sexually harassed by a coworker or supervisor at work, the employee has every right to expect that his or her boss will actively investigate the incident and take adequate measures to ensure similar incidents do not happen again. After all, Los Angeles employers are legally obligated to address and resolve sexual harassment complaints in the workplace so that employees can work in safe environments.

Morbidly obese workers are protected under laws for the disabled

Thanks to a number of federal and state laws, many Los Angeles employees are protected from discrimination and harassment in the workplace. What workers and employers need to understand, though, is that current anti-discrimination laws in California do not make other forms of discrimination and harassment acceptable in the workplace.

Los Angeles workers need to understand costs of sexual harassment

Los Angeles and Long Beach workers are probably already well aware of their basic rights in the workplace when it comes to sexual harassment. Workers have a right to file a complaint with their employers when a supervisor, colleague or other employee says or does anything that is sexually inappropriate. Workers also have a right to take legal action when employers fail to properly handle harassment complaints.

Are Los Angeles employers failing when testing job applicants?

High unemployment rates have created an influx of job seekers, creating larger pools of applicants for Los Angeles employers to wade through. In response, some employers are using personality tests to eliminate applicants. However, this practice does have some workers wondering whether this makes it easier for employers to discriminate against applicants without any repercussions.

Workers say Holiday Inn LAX failed to pay them 'living wage'

The economic downturn has affected many families and workers in Los Angeles and throughout the entire state of California. Some people have had to make more adjustments than others after losing a job or facing foreclosure. However, most people would agree that right now, every penny really does count in order to make ends meet. For those who are working, it is absolutely necessary that they receive the pay they are entitled to receive so that they can continue to support their families and keep up with living expenses.

Former Playboy executive fired for playing by the rules

When Los Angeles employees notice illegal activity in the workplace or are asked to do something that does not seem ethical, employees have every right to report the illegal or unethical conduct.

Los Angeles job seekers, workers protected under new privacy laws

When you applied for jobs in the past, you might have expected Los Angeles employers to ask about your work experience and how you handled challenging situations in life. When asked these types of questions during interviews, job applicants have the opportunity to give professional examples of how they have used their skills and experiences to accomplish challenging tasks in the workplace, at school or in other settings. Job applicants are in complete control over the type of information they share with prospective employers, and they have every right to keep their personal lives private.

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