Workers say Holiday Inn LAX failed to pay them ‘living wage’

| Oct 8, 2012 | Wage And Hour Laws |

The economic downturn has affected many families and workers in Los Angeles and throughout the entire state of California. Some people have had to make more adjustments than others after losing a job or facing foreclosure. However, most people would agree that right now, every penny really does count in order to make ends meet. For those who are working, it is absolutely necessary that they receive the pay they are entitled to receive so that they can continue to support their families and keep up with living expenses.

Last week, a group of workers filed a class action lawsuit against the Holiday Inn Los Angeles International Airport. Some of the workers claim that their pay rates fall below the living wage rate in Los Angeles. Other workers claim that they are forced to work through breaks or to continue working after clocking out for the day. The hotel workers are seeking compensation for unpaid wages. According to reports, workers claim that Holiday Inn LAX owes millions in back pay, reimbursements and other income.

The class action lawsuit against Holiday Inn LAX was filed on Oct. 4. Hotel employees who are suing for back pay and other wages include bartenders, housekeepers and cooks. According to the lawsuit, hotels that are located near the airport are obligated to pay workers “Living Wage.” Currently, living wage in the area is $11.97 per hour. However, some Holiday Inn workers claim that their hourly pay rates are below the living wage rate.

Other workers claim that they have been denied tips when they were entitled to receive tips for certain work duties. The lawsuit also states that housekeepers have had to purchase their own equipment for cleaning hotel rooms and have never been reimbursed for work-related expenses. By taking legal action, the employees hope to finally put an end to the hotel’s unlawful practices in the workplace.

The Holiday Inn claims that its workers are compensated lawfully for their work.

Source: KTLA News, “Holiday Inn LAX Workers Sue Hotel, Demand Millions,” Oct. 4, 2012

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