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November 2012 Archives

Unreported cases of sexual harassment could result in condemnation

Employees in Los Angeles have a right to work at a place that is free of sexual harassment. But regardless of laws in place to protect workers from sexual harassment, either by co-workers or clients, the physically and emotionally harmful offense still occurs in our country's workplaces.

Jury sides with 'Price Is Right' model in discrimination case

Last week, a California jury awarded a former "The Price Is Right" model more than $7 million in damages after concluding that the show's producers had illegally fired the woman when she became pregnant.

Were Jennifer Esposito's rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act violated?

Just about everyone in Los Angeles knows that TV shows are infamous for their grueling production schedules. Not as many people, unfortunately, realize that under the Americans With Disabilities Act, employers must make "reasonable accommodations" for workers who are disabled or sick. As you can imagine, that is a very valuable employee right.

Wal-Mart, protesters clash over labor disputes

Over the years Wal-Mart has been criticized for its labor practices, and unions and labor rights groups have often protested alleged unfair treatment of Wal-Mart employees. Recently, more protests have occurred outside of Wal-Mart stores across the country. The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) is reportedly leading the protests. Now, Wal-Mart has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the union, alleging they are disrupting business and causing emotional harm to its customers.

Jury awards millions to California doctor who was illegally fired

As we have mentioned before on our Los Angeles and Long Beach employment law blog, employees can be fired for no reason or almost any reason in California since most employment contracts are considered to be at-will. However, there are exceptions to at-will rules and employees who are fired for no reason or any reason may still be able to pursue wrongful termination claims against their employers.

Cold Stone Creamery employee fired in California for Facebook post

Last week, a store manager at Cold Stone Creamery located in Turlock, California, decided to fire a woman who had been with the company for several months over a comment the employee had posted on Facebook.

California judge doesn't believe Christian was fired over beliefs

Although Los Angeles employers cannot discriminate or retaliate against employees for their religious beliefs and practices, many employees still choose to refrain from discussing their religious beliefs in the workplace in order to protect their jobs.

Senor Frog's accused of sexually harassing at least 9 U.S. workers

There are many state and federal laws in place to protect employees in the workplace. One might assume that this means Los Angeles employers are careful to follow these laws in order to maintain healthy, safe and respectable workplaces for their employees. Unfortunately, labor and employment laws are not always enforced, and employees' rights are being violated every day.

Los Angeles factory workers accuse Forever 21 of wage violations

Last week, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that it is taking action against Forever 21, a popular retailer in Los Angeles and throughout the entire U.S., to force the retailer to hand over documents the department has been requesting since August as part of the department's investigation into "sweatshop-like conditions" at local factories.

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