After losing her leg in an accident, a woman remained determined to enter the workforce again once she recovered from her injury. She later received a prosthetic leg and was hired by a staffing agency in October 2010 to work for Sony Electronics. Two days after being hired, the woman was let go.

The woman believes she was fired because of her disability. Last week, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission confirmed that the woman was most likely fired under illegal circumstances. The EEOC says that Staffmark Investment, the staffing agency that hired the woman, and Sony both violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The ADA is supposed to protect employees, like the woman who was fired by Sony and Staffmark, from being discriminated against or harassed in the workplace because of their physical or mental disabilities. This also means that workers cannot be fired simply because they have a disability. The woman is now suing Sony and Staffmark.

Although there are some jobs that may not be suitable for disabled workers in California, employers must make an effort to make reasonable accommodations for qualified workers who have disabilities, unless accommodations would cause employers “undue hardship.”

The woman’s complaint against Sony and Staffmark states that the woman was fully capable of doing the job she was hired to do for Sony. She did not do anything wrong and her disability did not seem to affect her work. Yet, the woman was fired after only working for two days. She was told by the staffing agency that she would receive other work, but the agency never called her back.

The woman has since found another job on her own, but she is still pursuing a lawsuit against Sony and Staffmark for violating her rights.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Lawsuit alleges woman was fired due to prosthetic leg,” Sharon Wright, Dec. 5, 2012

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