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January 2013 Archives

Warehouse fined by California for violating wage and hour laws

As we have mentioned before on our Los Angeles / Long Beach employment law blog, employers who fail to properly compensate employees for their work and employers who fail to give employees proper breaks to rest and eat are committing serious workplace violations.

Celebrating 20 years of family medical leave protections in U.S.

Next week marks the 20th anniversary of the enactment of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. This bill and the California Family Rights Act have provided millions of workers with greater protections in the workplace so that they can take care of their newborns and other family members without having to worry about the status of their employment.

Should workers in California be fired for not getting the flu shot?

Last week, CBS Los Angeles reported that at least five people who were younger than 65 have died from the flu this season in California. Dozens of other deaths from the flu have been reported across the country.

Pregnancy discrimination law doesn't cover special accommodations

Workers in Long Beach may understand that pregnant women have rights in the workplace: it is illegal for a company to refuse to hire a worker simply because the worker is pregnant or to fire an employee who becomes pregnant.

Did Justin Bieber violate employee's rights by not paying overtime?

Not all employees in California are entitled to overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours during the work week. For example, employees who receive a fixed salary do not typically receive overtime pay. However, not all employees are classified correctly by their employers, which means they may not be compensated properly by their employers when they do work overtime.

Female officer sues after enduring years of sexual harassment at work

No employee in Los Angeles should be forced to work in an environment that is dangerous due to an employer's refusal to implement changes that could make the workplace safer and more tolerable for its employees. Employers throughout the entire country have a responsibility to protect workers' rights, which means employers also have a responsibility to create and maintain safe workplaces.

New Year offers new protections for workers in California

State and federal labor and employment laws are complex, and these laws are continually changing. As a result, employees may not always have a good understanding of their rights in the workplace, which may allow some employers in Southern California to get away with violating the rights of employees.

Young Los Angeles workers vulnerable to sexual harassment

Los Angeles residents who work low-paying jobs or have positions that do not lead to many opportunities might feel powerless in the workplace compared to their supervisors and other folks who work in positions that carry significant responsibilities. But just because some workers might not have as much experience or responsibilities as others does not mean that they don't have the same rights as those who are more experienced.

Ex-employee sues Irwindale Police Department for sexual harassment

Employees in Los Angeles spend the majority of their days with their co-workers. It is no surprise that friendships and relationships develop in the workplace when employees spend so much time with each other.

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