Not all employees in California are entitled to overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours during the work week. For example, employees who receive a fixed salary do not typically receive overtime pay. However, not all employees are classified correctly by their employers, which means they may not be compensated properly by their employers when they do work overtime.

A former bodyguard for Justin Bieber claims that the pop star avoided paying the employee overtime wages between March 2011 and October 2012. He believes Bieber wrongly told him that he was not eligible to receive overtime pay, even though he worked between 14 to 18 hours each day for the singer. Now the ex-bodyguard is attempting to recover unpaid overtime wages from Bieber. According to reports, the former employee filed a lawsuit against Bieber last week.

The lawsuit states that Bieber owes the former bodyguard $421,261 in unpaid overtime wages, vacation benefits and other employment and wage benefits that he was not lawfully compensated for while he worked for the pop star. The bodyguard’s lawsuit also claims that Bieber assaulted him. The ex-employee is seeking additional compensation for the alleged assault.

The former bodyguard worked for Bieber for nearly two years until he was fired by the pop star in October. According to the ex-employee’s lawsuit, Bieber got into an argument with the bodyguard. After hitting the bodyguard more than once in the chest, Bieber fired the employee.

Failing to properly compensate employees for their work is a serious violation, especially since many workers in Los Angeles rely on their incomes to pay for basic living expenses and to support their families. Workers who have not been compensated lawfully by their employers should seek counsel from an attorney who can protect their rights and help them recover any unpaid wages that they should have received from their employers.

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