New Year offers new protections for workers in California

| Jan 10, 2013 | Employee Rights |

State and federal labor and employment laws are complex, and these laws are continually changing. As a result, employees may not always have a good understanding of their rights in the workplace, which may allow some employers in Southern California to get away with violating the rights of employees.

In order to make sure employers are abiding by employment laws, Los Angeles employees should be aware of their general rights in the workplace and they should also take some time to learn about any new laws that are enacted. Recently, several labor laws were enacted and amended to offer more employees more protections in California. These laws went into effect Jan. 1 of this year.

Workers in California now have more privacy rights. Effective Jan. 1, employers can no longer force workers or job applicants to disclose their social media login and password information in order to access private accounts. There are some situations when employers may be able to legally ask for this information, but generally, employees may refuse to give this information to employers who just want to snoop around.

Ex-employees also have more rights in California as a result of new laws. Under new laws, ex-employees now have a right to access their personnel records from former employers under certain conditions.

Several other laws were enacted in California. Hopefully employers are complying with these new laws and reviewing employment policies in order to make sure employees’ rights remain protected in the workplace.

When employees do have reason to believe that employers have violated their rights, it is important to seek counsel from an attorney who is familiar with state and federal labor and employment laws. When proceeding with a workplace claim against an employer, employees will want to make sure they are represented by someone who understands their rights and protections in the workplace.

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune, “New Labor Laws Address Social Media, Contracts,” Tom Sheridan, Jan. 10, 2013

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