Warehouse fined by California for violating wage and hour laws

| Jan 31, 2013 | Wage And Hour Laws |

As we have mentioned before on our Los Angeles / Long Beach employment law blog, employers who fail to properly compensate employees for their work and employers who fail to give employees proper breaks to rest and eat are committing serious workplace violations.

Unfortunately, workers don’t always know when their employers may be violating wage and hour laws because these laws change and these laws are also complex. In some situations, workers who do realize that they have been mistreated in the workplace may raise concerns with their employers only to be retaliated against and fired for pointing out employers’ wrongdoings.

Although workers may feel helpless when their rights have been violated in the workplace, they should know that when state agencies and employment law attorneys get involved in investigating allegations of wrongdoings in the workplace, employers could face serious penalties for breaking the law and violating the rights of employees.

For example, just this week California labor regulators reported that a warehouse operator in Chino will need to pay fines for failing to properly compensate its workers. The warehouse will also need to pay workers for their overtime hours worked. Regulators investigated the warehouse, which is operated by Quetico, and concluded the warehouse now owes $1.3 million in unpaid wages, overtime and fees.

After investigating the warehouse and its operations, regulators discovered that warehouse workers had worked overtime without receiving overtime wages. Workers were also denied 30 minute breaks, which are mandatory in most workplaces in California. In addition to these violations, workers had to go to work early so that they had enough time to wait in long lines to clock in for their shifts, and some workers were even fired for complaining about their employer’s illegal actions.

The investigation is the result of an ongoing effort to end wage theft in California workplaces, especially in warehouses.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Chino warehouse operator fined for alleged overtime violations,” Marc Lifsher, Jan. 29, 2013

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