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March 2013 Archives

Los Angeles officer wins racial harassment lawsuit, awarded $1.2M

Los Angeles is a diverse city, but even though residents of all races and religions live here, folks continue to face harassment and discrimination on the basis of their race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation and gender. Unfortunately, discrimination and harassment is not something that only occurs on the streets; it also occurs in the workplace. The workplace should be a place where all hard-working employees are respected, but not all employers respect the rights of their employees.

Los Angeles workers' paychecks missing $26.2 million every week

Employers in Los Angeles have a right to hold employees accountable for doing their work and job duties. But employers also have an obligation to make sure that they hold themselves accountable for compensating their employees properly for their hard work.

Sexual harassment suit filed by 3 women against California firm

Employees who are sexually harassed by co-workers or supervisors might assume that their employers in Los Angeles and Long Beach will want to know about the inappropriate and illegal behavior as quickly as possible so that employers can address the problem before it gets worse. Employers have a legal obligation to try to prevent sexual harassment from occurring in the workplace, and California employers also have a legal obligation to address workers' complaints and effectively resolve complaints.

Sharon Stone sued in Los Angeles for wrongful termination

According to reports, actress Sharon Stone has been accused of violating another employee's rights. Stone was sued earlier this week by a former employee who claims that she was fired after she suffered an injury that had prevented her from doing her work as quickly as she normally performed her work duties prior to being injured. The actress was sued last year by a nanny who claimed that Stone fired her after Stone realized the nanny was being paid for overtime hours worked.

Domestic workers gather in Los Angeles to demand workplace rights

Domestic workers in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California may have been disappointed about Gov. Jerry Brown's decision last year to veto a bill that would have provided domestic workers with important and basic labor protections. But the fight for these workers to have basic protections is not over.

Man claims Disney fired him for reporting sexual harassment

When supervisors are informed about incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace, they are required under California and federal laws to address the complaints. Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal and harmful, and when this type of inappropriate behavior is not handled appropriately by employees' supervisors and employers, work environments may become hostile and unbearable.

Workers say they were fired for filing workers' compensation claims

Last week on our Long Beach / Los Angeles employment law blog we had mentioned that employers in California are prohibited from retaliating against workers who report or file complaints about unsafe work conditions. Employees have a right to work in an environment that will not jeopardize their physical and mental well-being, and employees should be able to report concerns without being harassed or fired for doing so.

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