An anonymous security guard filed a lawsuit alleging that clients who visited her workplace, the California-based Universal Music Publishing Group, regularly smoked pot and engaged in other illicit activities. While residents of California have the right to smoke marijuana for medical reasons, they cannot legally use the drug at work. The 41-year-old woman claimed that she was the victim of wrongful termination when she was banned from the property after reporting a number of the drug activities. She is requesting an unspecified amount of compensation.

She claimed that she personally saw drug use by at least five celebrities and could smell pot coming from studios. She also claimed that one supervisor asserted that one of the stars could do anything he wanted, including use drugs in the workplace.

The whistleblower further added that celebrities and others covered up the strong scent by attempting to burn candles and incense. She also saw contestants from a television reality show who were smoking pot.

The lawsuit elaborates on a variety of alleged sexual activities in the office with employees involved in intimate contact, people in the showers and condoms throughout the men’s bathroom. She elaborated that the stars used derogatory racial comments against her.

She reported that the company terminated her when she asked the bodyguard of one rapper to move a vehicle, and the bodyguard refused. She complained to her workplace and was suspended and subsequently banned from the property.

When someone reports harassment on the job, he or she may expect to be heard and have his or her complaints addressed. However, in some cases, his or her supervisor might retaliate by firing him or her. An employment lawyer might be able to help clients win a just compensation after being wrongfully fired.

Source: AOL, “Security Guard Allegedly Fired For Blowing Whistle On Musicians’ Drug Use,” April 15, 2013