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May 2013 Archives

Anti-Semitic behavior on the rise

With many different religious groups in the state, California residents may have heard about a report on religious freedom published last year that says there is an increase in anti-Semitic rhetoric by religious leaders and government officials worldwide. Of particular concern are Iran, Venezuela and Egypt. Religious discrimination and denial of the Holocaust can, at times, lead to violence and desecration, the report added.

Beach shack storefronts violate ADA, judge says

California residents may be interested to learn that a district court judge ruled that the entrance to Hollister stores violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. Hollister is a nationwide chain of clothing stores owned by Abercrombie & Fitch. The case, which started in 2009, alleges disability discrimination because store entrances are not accessible to persons with disabilities.

Hospital granted dad's request: no black nurses, lawsuit says

A nurse is suing a hospital that she worked for due to allegations of racial discrimination. The African-American plaintiff is reporting that her employer made her a victim of race discrimination when it agreed to a father's request that no black nurses be permitted to care for the man's newborn baby. Because racial discrimination is prohibited by Title VII, Los Angeles workers who find themselves the victims of this type of discrimination could bring similar suits if the same type of situation occurs with them.

Company paying millions to settle race discrimination case

The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund brought forth a class-action lawsuit by employees of a teen retailer in Santa Ana. The firm accused the retailer of race discrimination, alleging that the retailer engaged in intentional conduct so that it could have the image of blond and blue-eyed workers in its company. The retailer recently entered into a multi-million dollar settlement.

California Senator's bill seeks job protections for crime victims

A new bill, Senate Bill 288, introduced into the California State Senate by Santa Monica State Senator Ted Lieu, would offer employment protection to people who need to miss work to attend court proceedings related to crimes committed against themselves or members of their immediate family. Senate Bill 288 seeks to explicitly give workplace protection to any Californian who decides to exercise their right, which is granted in the California constitution, to attend all sessions of court where their interests may be impacted.

CA supervisor fired for not cooperating during investigation

An investigation into a sexual discrimination accusation from an employee of a California corporation has resulted in the company terminating employment of the supervisor who reprimanded her, even though no evidence of sexual discrimination was found.

Ex-dispatcher files sexual harassment suit against chief

A woman who was formerly a dispatcher at California's Newport Beach police department filed a sexual harassment lawsuit recently against the police chief, stating that she was not only sexually harassed but also discriminated against and wrongfully terminated as well. Although the city and police department are included in the lawsuit, most of the allegations are directed towards the chief of police.

Denim Day set to focus on sexual assault issues

In 1999, an Italian high court overturned a rape conviction based on the fact that the victim was wearing jeans. In protest, "Denim Day" has been celebrated by individuals and groups throughout California and the United States to bring attention to the problems of sexual harassment and assault. As of 2011, at least 20 states officially recognize the day when women and men wear jeans as a sign of support of victims and protest over systems that protect their rapists or molesters.As part of the Denim Day experience, various experts also take the opportunity to share information that can help both men and women prevent sexual assaults or deal with the consequences of frightening behavior. Experts remind partners that while being angry at times is normal for both men and women, feeling controlled or frightened of a partner should be a red flag.

Protection against workplace discrimination for LGBT individuals

Residents of California may be interested to learn that Senator Jeff Merkley, a Democrat of Oregon, recently introduced a bill called Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would would prohibit employers from knowingly discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individuals when making decisions regarding hiring or promotion. A similar bill is pending in the United States House of Representatives. Senator Merkley's bill would exempt religious organizations, companies with fewer than 15 employees and private clubs.Many people may be surprised to learn that there is not already a federal law prohibiting workplace discrimination against individuals because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The United States Congress has enacted laws against race discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination and religious discrimination. LGBT workers are protected against discrimination in employment in some states, but 29 of the 50 states do not have statutes that specifically address whether a person can be fired or not hired because of being gay or transgender.

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