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June 2013 Archives

Teachers file religious discrimination lawsuit against school

Two California teachers have filed a lawsuit claiming that they were wrongfully discharged from their employment at a private Christian school in 2012. According to the lawsuit, the school decided not to retain them after they refused to show school officials proof of their faith.

LGBT discrimination still prevalent in the workplace

California citizens may be interested to learn that there is a civil protection act known as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in the hands of Congress members. According to the co-sponsor, ENDA seeks to protect the LGBT communities against sexual orientation discrimination.

Genetic discrimination is illegal

Businesses in Los Angeles that require prospective employees to undergo physicals may be violating federal law if they are not handled correctly. While people are aware of the illegality of gender or race discrimination, not everyone is aware that companies cannot refuse to hire someone based on a medical condition or the belief that a candidate is at risk for developing one due to a family history. Employers can require job applicants to complete a physical and a drug test as a condition of employment, but businesses are limited as to what information they can gather.

Small-business owners value workplace discrimination laws

California employees and business owners may take note of a survey on discrimination conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. A large majority of small-business owners indicated in the poll that laws prohibiting gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination would serve owners by saving them money. No federal law exists to prohibit these types of workplace discrimination, yet a number of states and large, private employers have implemented non-discrimination policies.

Walt Disney Pictures sued for discrimination

Walt Disney Pictures and the "Muppets" movie editor are being sued for wrongful termination, gender discrimination and harassment by an assistant film editor. The assistant film editor alleges that the California-based Walt Disney Pictures corporation created a hostile work environment for her due to the fact that she was Asian and over 40 years old. The complaint, filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on June 3, also states that the assistant film editor's employment was terminated by Walt Disney Pictures due to her gender and her race as well as complaints she made regarding her treatment and work environment.

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit against teachers

A christian school in Thousand Oaks recently fired two preschool teachers for not filling out forms that asked questions about their faith and church attendance. After being fired, the two preschool teachers threatened to file a suit against the school for wrongful termination . Upon doing so, Little Oaks School filed a lawsuit against the two teachers.

Two fired soccer coaches claim discrimination

Two coaches who were fired by a Los-Angeles based Major League Soccer team have filed a suit against their former employer claiming that they were wrongfully terminated. The two men claimed that they were fired due to race discrimination after the Mexican owner of team Chivas USA implemented a Latino-only employment policy in violation of state and federal law.

iGate CEO Fired Over Failure To Disclose Employee Relationship

Residents of California may be interested to learn that the former CEO of an outsourcing company was recently fired for failing to disclose a relationship with an employee. The former CEO, who had previously been praised for his role in the success of iGate, denies any wrongdoing.

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