Residents of California may be interested to learn that the former CEO of an outsourcing company was recently fired for failing to disclose a relationship with an employee. The former CEO, who had previously been praised for his role in the success of iGate, denies any wrongdoing.

The multimillion-dollar outsourcing company contends that Murthy violated company policy. The action by the company reportedly took place after iGate received a complaint alleging sexual harassment by the former CEO. An outside investigation found no evidence to support the claim against him. The firing came after Murthy informed company officials that a relationship with an employee had ended. It is unclear whether the accused informed iGate of the relationship before the complaint.

The alleged victim of harassment has not been identified. The former CEO faced similar allegations in 2001 and 2003. Those cases were settled out of court. In cases with unsubstantiated claims, some companies resort to listing another reason for firing an employee such as a violation of company policy regarding relationships within the workplace. However, all allegations of sexual harassment must be properly addressed. If a business ignores allegations of harassment, the company may be held liable too.

Legally, any allegations of sexual harassment or sex discrimination need to be taken seriously. Those who suffer sexual harassment may be subjected to subtle signs of harassment such as sexually explicit materials in the workplace or making sexual innuendos. Legal action may also include unlawful retaliation for refusing unwanted sexual advances. This may include worse work hours, an unjustified demotion, or a hostile working environment. Residents of California who suffer from sexual harassment may find it helpful to speak with attorneys who may seek compensation for damage related to lost wages and emotional distress.

Source: Patch, “Outsourcing Company Fires CEO Over Undisclosed Relationship“, Zoneil Maharaj, May 25, 2013