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July 2013 Archives

California woman files sexual harassment lawsuit

A woman from Stockton, California is claiming that she was fired from her job as a dental assistant at the University of Pacific, Stockton, after she complained about sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. The woman alleges years of exposure to his sexual references. The references, she says, included comparing her work uniform to women's underwear. Many women were exposed to the dentist's unwanted verbal harassment but none of them were willing to risk job loss by complaining.

People over 50 take steps to counter ageism

While some people over the age of 50 embrace signs of aging such as graying hair, others choose to combat outward indications of growing older with hair dye, skin creams and changes in the way they dress. Dealing with the physical manifestations of aging is an intensely personal and individual matter. For some people, maintaining a youthful appearance as effectively as possible is intertwined with their career goals. This matter may have far-reaching implications for workers in California and throughout the nation.

BJ's Restaurant settles claim with employees for $1.5 million

California-based BJ's Restaurant has settled a claim with employees that they lost wages when employees were required to be on call but then not given the opportunity to work. The company has 50 restaurants throughout the state. The settlement provides for the abolishment of the standby policy and awards damages to the affected employees in the amount of $1.5 million.

LA college administrator loses job

Multiple women at colleges across the country have filed claims against their school administrators for failing to respond to allegations of sexual misconduct on campus. Administrators at Occidental College in Los Angeles, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania have recently left their posts, supposedly in connection with the claims. The federal government is undergoing an investigation with respect to Chapel Hill and Occidental.

HBO may remain in wrongful termination case

A former American Humane Association film and television unit director of production has sued for wrongful termination. Her complaint alleges that, after 13 years of employment, the AHA fired her for investigating and exposing mistreatment of horses in the television series "Luck" filmed at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia. The complaint included the HBO television network and the producer of the series as defendants for allegedly colluding with the AHA in concealing the mistreatment.

Dollar General sued for forcing two women to work off the clock

California employees may be interested to learn that two Dollar General employees in Tennessee claimed that the retailer violated federal labor law by forcing them to work during their unpaid lunches. Other plaintiffs who may be entitled to overtime pay or other wages are being sought to be included in the lawsuit.

California bill to protect domestic violence victims advances

A California State Assembly voted this week to approve a bill barring employers from discriminating against domestic violence victims. The scope of the bill also includes victims of stalking or sexual assault. The bill will move to the Assembly Appropriations Committee next.

LGBT workplace discrimination is the next hurdle

California's recent reversal of gay marriage bans in light of the Supreme Court's striking down the Defense of Marriage Act has attention focused on the legal issues surrounding same-sex unions. However, this focus may have shifted attention away from another problems facing gays, lesbians and transgender people, such as workplace discrimination.

Four out of 10 migrant workers face sexual harrassment

According to a new report, many of California's farm workers face sexual harassment while on the job. As many as four out of 10 immigrant farm worker women have faced sexual harassment; however, many fail to report it for fear of retaliation or a lack of information available.

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