Sexual harassment claims against California mayor

| Aug 26, 2013 | Sexual Harassment |

A woman has spoken out about her sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the mayor of California City. The claim of sexual harassment on the job alleges that the official made sexual comments to the woman in a public setting. Additionally, he’s said to have blocked her professional advancement in the city because of her gender. She indicates that in her 10-year career with the city, she never had problems prior to the mayor’s election in 2010.

According to the woman, inappropriate comments were made at various times, and she usually let them go. However, a comment that was made in the presence of customers about her primary professional experience relating to the making of sex toys was too much. She reported the incident to the human resources department.

The lawsuit has resulted in a great deal of speculation and commentary in the city. The mayor is said to have discussed the situation with a local newspaper, indicating that he didn’t mean to cause any offense and that the comment may have been in bad form. However, the attorney for the woman indicates that this isn’t sufficient and that the mayor’s apology should be more definitive, acknowledging that the inappropriate nature of the comment was hurtful and wrong. The attorney emphasizes the serious nature of the situation because of the position that the mayor holds. Meanwhile, representatives for the city suggest that there is no merit in the lawsuit.

California residents concerned about inappropriate behavior or comments that might constitute sexual harassment may find it embarrassing to pursue action against an offending party. However, a lawyer who is familiar with employment law and sexual harassment issues may be able to help in assessing the nature of the situation. A professional with experience in the field may be able to help in putting a stop to harmful workplace behavior or in dealing with an individual creating an adverse work environment.

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