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September 2013 Archives

Bank of America fined in discrimination case

California readers may be interested to know that the U.S. Department of Labor has ordered Bank of America to pay approximately $2.2 million to 1,100 black applicants in restitution for hiring discrimination. The ruling awards $964,033 to 1,034 job applicants who were rejected for jobs in 1992 based on race discrimination. There is an additional award of $1,217,560 for 113 job seekers who were rejected based on race between 2002 and 2005.

Ex-Kaiser Permanente worker's case hits snag

A licensed clinical social worker who was formerly employed at a California healthcare facility operated by Kaiser Permanente allegedly received an indirect death threat from one of her patients. She asked her employer to file a restraining order against the patient, but Kaiser failed to do so and eventually fired her. She claims that she was later wrongfully discharged, but a U.S. district judge says that she needs to present the court with more factual evidence.

USC professor sues for discrimination

An author and adjunct professor at the University of Southern California has accused the school and a program director of discriminatory practices that have damaged her career and caused emotional anguish. The professor filed a workplace discrimination suit against the school and the director of its masters writing program in California's Superior Court. The suit alleges that the director was bigoted and held back the professor's career because of the professor's Jewish-Iranian heritage.

Pair of former California government employees sue

Two women who formerly worked as inspection aides at the Department of Agriculture and Weights and Measures are suing Sacramento County. The women say that they suffered years of sexual harassment at the hands of their supervisor. They also claim that they both made formal complaints to their managers but that nobody ever followed up on their accusations in a satisfactory manner.

Mayor resigns following sexual harassment claims

A California city is looking to elect a new political candidate to office following the resignation of its mayor. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner made an announcement on Aug. 23 that he would resign from office amid sexual harassment claims. The day before Mr. Filner announced his resignation, the Los Angeles Times announced that the resignation followed closed-door mediation and an agreement by the City of San Diego to pay a portion of any damages against Mr. Filner in the sexual harassment lawsuit brought by one former aide.

Star alleges 'Storage Wars' is rigged, wrongful termination

A former star of the popular reality TV program Storage Wars that's based in L.A. moved forward with his claim that the show was rigged. A judge allowed the lawsuit, in which David Hester alleged both that valuable items were planted in storage containers for the show, and also that he was the victim of wrongful termination. Hester claimed that he was fired after complaining about the purported fixing to the show's producers. He was to have made $25,000 per episode for each of the 26 episodes in the program's fourth season, or $650,000. He was seeking $750,000 in general damages and further money in punitive damages in the suit.

Fast food workers strike in L.A.

Fast-food workers in Los Angeles and 59 other cities are on strike. The workers are employed by various chains, including McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and Taco Bell. They are demanding that they get higher wages. The latest strike is part of a year-long campaign orchestrated by the workers to ask for more than wage and hour laws entitle them to.

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