San Diego’s former mayor listed as the worst boss in America

| Dec 27, 2013 | Sexual Harassment |

With close to 20 women filing sexual harassment claims against San Diego’s former mayor, Bob Filner has now been listed as the worst boss in America. The list was released on Dec. 20 by eBossWatch and is a compilation of 50 of the “worst people to work for.”

Filner, who spent 10 terms as a congressman, resigned at the end of August after multiple allegations of sexual harassment surfaced from women who worked for the former mayor. Two lawsuits are currently pending against him, as well as against the city of San Diego.

In one lawsuit filed a couple of weeks ago, a Parks and Recreation Department district manager accused Filner of rubbing her breasts after he grabbed her from behind while she was at an event at one of the city’s parks. Another lawsuit was filed by a woman who worked as Filner’s communication director. She accused him of making sexual comments, including that “she should work without her panties on.” He also allegedly made sexual remarks while dragging her in a headlock and demanding kisses.

According to eBossWatch, over $52 million has been paid out so far in settlements and verdicts because of the actions of those who made the “2013 America’s Worst Bosses” list. A total of 11 bosses in California were on the list. Those bosses included three Los Angeles city managers and two sergeants with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Every employee has a right to work without workplace sexual harassment. This includes both male and female employees. Those who have been subjected to such a hostile work environment should speak out about what has occurred. An experienced employment law attorney can provide victims of sexual harassment with guidance and information about how to best proceed in seeking compensation against the perpetrator. In addition, the company or entity can be held liable if there is nothing done to stop the harassment.

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