Universities face state audits concerning sexual crimes

| Dec 2, 2013 | Sexual Harassment |

Four California universities are under state investigation for how they handle sexual assault and sexual harassment cases on campus. The state audit includes San Diego State University, UCLA, UC Berkeley and California State University, Chico. State auditors plan to examine how the schools take measures to block sexual violence on campus. In addition, auditors will research how well students are educated as far as their rights are concerned, whether students are encouraged to file complaints and how the schools react to those complaints. The state expects to release its final report in April 2014.

One San Diego State student stated that she was aware that violence existed on campus and that she was now even more uneasy now that she knew that state authorities were looking into it. A federal complaint earlier this year alleging that officials at UC Berkeley had failed to report victims of sexual harassment and violence on campus had prompted a state assemblyman to call for the audit.

San Diego State University released an official statement saying that it plans to continue to work with state auditors, and reasserted its position against discrimination as far as protecting its student body against crimes pertaining to sexual misconduct was concerned. According to the statement, measures include proper student education, caring for victims and taking prompt action against those who take part in sexual misconduct on campus.

Students should feel safe and secure on campus. Unfortunately, schools may fail to provide adequate protection. Hopefully, this audit will help uncover potential safety issues and could ultimately result in creating safer living and educational environments.

Source: 5sandiego.com, “State to review SDSU sexual assault policies“, Jason Sloss, November 21, 2013


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