Racial descrimination leads to lawsuit in California

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At work, the most anyone can ask for is to be treated fairly and to get the same benefits as everyone else. Race discrimination is very serious in the workplace, and in this report about Oracle, one director claims that a lower salary was offered just because a worker was an Indian. According to the news, when the man decided that he wanted to bring an Oracle employee working in India to California, his company told him to offer $50,000, which was supposedly “good money for an Indian.”

According to the man, he was also discriminated against for being Irish. He stated that he experienced discriminatory and retaliatory conduct because of his national origin. He claims that the country bases an employee’s pay on their national origin, along with a number of other improper practices. After he complained about the offer he was allowed to give to the potential employee from India, he was informed that the lower offer was fair, according to the lawsuit.

Then, he claims that he was summarily terminated without warning on Dec. 5, 2012, just a few weeks after he had an argument with the salary officer about the offer for the Indian worker. According to the story, he is seeking unspecified compensation and punitive damages. He claims Oracle’s conduct was unlawful, so he would also like to see any injunctive relief necessary to make the company comply with the law.

Discrimination in the workplace isn’t fair. You shouldn’t be judged based on your race or skin color, and you deserve to be paid as much as your peers with the same experience. If you’ve been struggling with workplace discrimination, you may want to seek legal help.

Source:  IT World, “Lawsuit: Oracle called $50K ‘good money for an Indian’” Chris Kanaracus, Jan. 13, 2014


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