Sexual harassment brings old claims to light in California

| Feb 21, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

If you’re sexually harassed while working, you may wonder what your options really are. In most cases, the person who took part in sexual harassment should be investigated, and they could even be fired from the job. In a case from Feb. 18, the Veterans Affairs reported the termination of a contract with a man who was running a home for veterans in Fresno, California. He had allegedly asked for sexual favors from a woman to reduce what she owed at the business, and he’s been accused of harassment and discrimination at this time.

According to the story, veterans living in the homes owned by the man were moved to new facilities. The public affairs chief with VA Central California has stated that the man’s contract was terminated pending the outcome of the case, and the contract was terminated for the safety of residents. The 53-year-old man had provided transitional housing to homeless veterans for up to 120 days, according to the news.

The man was paid for every night the veterans stayed in one of his two homes, according to the news. It amounted to $55 per veteran each night. However, after the man was accused of bribery, a three-week investigation by police eventually led to his arrest. At the time before the termination of the contract, there were eight veterans in the homes in Merced and Fresno, and they have now been relocated.

In 2013, an internal investigation was launched to determine if the man was engaging in harassment or discrimination. At that time, the investigation was closed saying that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove a case for harassment or discrimination; that may change now with a new claim that the man was asking for dates and sexual favors.

Source: Fresno Bee, “VA terminates contract with ex-Merced County employee” Ramona Giwargis, Feb. 18, 2014


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