Two women sue Buffalo Wild Wings for sexual harassment

| Mar 12, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

With the NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Basketball tournaments starting next week, Buffalo Wild Wings will likely be a popular destination for sports fans in Southern California. While tournament time is often a boon for the franchise, it is dealing with controversy.

According to the Associated Press, two women who worked in a franchise restaurant in Bozeman, Montana filed a lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings in federal court. The suit alleges that the restaurant’s manager engaged in several actions of sexual harassment, and that the company did nothing to address these actions. 

Specifically, one of the women contends that the manager solicited a relationship, and continued to do so after she repeatedly rejected his advances. She claims that he sent her numerous text messages after she told him to stop and complained about the behavior to other managers. However, she contends that neither manager investigated the matter or disciplined the offending manager. Even with her complaints, the harassment escalated with her manager allegedly slapping her on the buttocks and touching her breasts.

It is critical in maintaining a professional work environment for managers to be held accountable when they violate workplace regulations, as well as other employees’ personal space. California law allows employees to seek remedies when they are harassed or discriminated against because of their sex.

After filing complaints with the Montana Human Rights Bureau, Buffalo Wild Wings launched an internal investigation. However, the manager was not fired and even returned to work. The Bureau found that discrimination had occurred, nevertheless.

Unfortunately, a number of employees must endure workplace conditions such as these out of fear of losing their jobs. 

Source: “Workers file lawsuits against Bozeman restaurant contending harassment,” Mar.9, 2014


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