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May 2014 Archives

Helpful tips to deal with workplace bullying

While anti-discrimination laws work to protect employees in California from unscrupulous actions based on race, gender or religion, there are no current laws to curb workplace bullying. Just as bullying has become a national discussion topic in schools, a recent survey suggests that it is prevalent, and apparently tolerated, in American workplaces.

Former CNN employee claims he was fired for being gay

A former CNN employee is bringing a workplace discrimination lawsuit against the network for allegedly firing him because of his sexual orientation. In a report by New York’s Daily News, the employee claims that his supervisor degraded him because of the bright colored outfits he wore, and that he was told that his clothes were “too flamboyant.”

How social media can be trouble for employees

Most people are familiar with the Miranda warning “what you say can be used against you in a court of law” because of crime drama shows like “Law & Order.” However, they may not realize that the same concept applies when it comes to wrongful termination or employment discrimination. This means that email transmissions and more importantly, social media posts can become discoverable evidence in litigation.

What can be worn to work for religious reasons - the basics

Even with the nation’s improving economy and jobs outlook, there are scores of people across California who are being denied employment or being subjected harassment in the workplace because of their religious beliefs. This type of discrimination may take many forms. Religious practices may be mocked or ridiculed, or a person’s religious dress is treated the same.

Wage and hour class action filed by NY Jets cheerleader

New York Jets cheerleaders filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL team alleging violations of New Jersey wage and hour laws. The suit was ostensibly filed in New Jersey since that is where MetLife Stadium is located, where team plays its home games. The named plaintiff in the suit, named Krystal C, claims that the Jets paid her and other cheerleaders far below New Jersey's required minimum wage of $8.25 per hour. 

Was Chris Kluwe discriminated against?

While football fans focused on this weekend’s NFL draft, one former player was working hard to get another shot at being on a team this fall.  Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has been keeping his skills sharp by practicing at a baseball field near his home in Huntington Beach. While this normally would be a time where he would be preparing for OTAs (offseason training activities), he is preparing for his next audition.

Use of 'perma-temp' employees may become unlawful

The practice of employers using temporary employees is nothing new. However, more employers are using so-called “perma-temp” employees (i.e. long-term temporary employees) in an effort to cut costs. While this has caused concern among labor unions and employee advocates, employers are finding that these workers are helping them through rough economic times.

More on the Pier 1 Imports pregnancy discrimination case

In a prior post, we highlighted the plight of a pregnant woman employed by Pier 1 Imports who was allegedly forced to take unpaid leave when her weeks of mandated light duty expired. We feel the need to follow up on this story given that several important facts were not noted in that post.

Helpful ways to protect against discrimination

As we highlighted in our previous post, being pregnant in the workforce can be difficult. Additionally, trying to find work while pregnant can be equally troublesome. Although California and federal law provides protections for pregnant women in the workplace, it is prudent to know how to protect yourself from discriminatory practices while still maintaining your employment

Pier 1 Imports accused of pregnancy discrimination

Pregnant workers likely have a tough road when it comes to maintaining a job. Depending on the complications that come with a pregnancy, they may be subject to restrictions that limit what they may be able to do on the job. Under California law, employers are required to adhere to medical restrictions and grant temporary accommodations for pregnant workers.

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