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June 2014 Archives

Rights for workers at Native American casinos

California workers employed by tribal casinos may wonder what kinds of employment protections are available to them given that reservations are located on sovereign soil; in other words, reservations are not required to adhere to U.S. employment law. They are treated in the same way that a foreign country would be.

CIA moves to reduce sexual harassment within its ranks

Movies and novels about the secret lives and operations of CIA operatives make for good story telling, but we may not realize that the characters portrayed in those stories may be actual people working for a government agency that is subject to federal rules regarding discrimination in the workplace.

Class action suit against NCAA could change how athletes are paid

In perhaps what may be the biggest wage and hour class action in college sports, the trial of O'Bannon v. NCAA began this week. Through this trial, countless former college football and basketball players are seeking court intervention on the issue of whether college athletes have a right to receive the proceeds that come from multi-billion dollar television contracts signed by the conferences that universities play in.

Shifting reasons for firing may suggest pretext

Ever since a 2009 Supreme Court opinion was handed down in favor employers regarding the burden of proof in ADEA (Age Discrimination in Employment Act) cases, employees who believe they have been discriminated against on the basis of age have had a tough road proving their cases. Many of them are dismissed before trial, as was a case highlighted by the AARP.

Employees are filing more wage and hour violation lawsuits

The latest news of the U.S. economy finally regaining the jobs lost through the recession is a promising reminder that the economy is back on track. However, it appears that many employers are still not following federal law when it comes to properly compensating employees. The number of wage and hour lawsuits being brought by employees has risen over the last year, and the number of suits appears to be growing at a record pace.

More tips for pregnant employees

In a prior post, we highlighted a few helpful tips that pregnant women could refer to if they had questions about how to deal with an employer’s actions that could be labeled as pregnancy discrimination. We find it prudent and helpful to expound on that theme, and give some additional tips for women who may be dealing with a potentially hostile employer.

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