A former UCLA employee is suing the University of California Board of Regents for losing her job after she complained about her boss’s conduct. The female employee, who is black and 59 years old, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court. Her 52-year-old white former supervisor is also named as a defendant. Until the former employee was fired, she was allegedly considered a valued team member and a person who received good reviews.

According to the lawsuit, the former employee says that in one incident her supervisor joked that she wanted to wear a noose around her neck for a Halloween party. In another incident, the supervisor told her that she was ‘shocked” that she was trying to enroll in a program to become a psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner. Other occasions included being called ‘dyslexic” in front of students and co-workers and being accused of not doing the tasks that she was assigned.

Before filing the suit, the former employee went to human resources to file a harassment and internal discrimination complaint. Over the next few weeks, the supervisor started withholding some of the plaintiff’s pay because she had been suspended for poor performance. The former employee also received a letter from UCLA that said that she was fired and that her last day was on May 5.

Dealing with workplace discrimination, hostile work environments or wrongful termination may cause an individual’s life to be filled with stress. There are forms of workplace discrimination that are prohibited by various state and federal laws, and an attorney with experience in employment matters can counsel a client who may have been wrongfully discharged.

Source: West Side Today, “Former UCLA Employee Files Racial and Age Discrimination Lawsuit“, June 26, 2014