Cher faces discrimination suit from former dancers

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California residents may have heard that the well-known performer Cher has been named in a lawsuit filed by three of her backup dancers alleging wrongful firing and age and racial discrimination. A representative for the singer has denied the claims.

The three dancers say that they were fired after they complained about another dancer who had assaulted a woman. Two of them are African-American, and they allege that their race was an issue, claiming that the tour choreographer was instructed not to hire any more black dancers. The other dancer is a 42-year-old woman who says her age was an issue in the firing as well. The dancers have been with Cher for more than 10 years.

According to the lawsuit filed on Sept. 18, the dancers were informed that a need to cut costs was the reason for their dismissal. While her tour is one of the top-grossing ones of the year, it was also necessary for Cher to put shows off for three weeks due to an illness. The dancers are asking for more than $10 million in damages.

Individuals who feel they may have been subject to age discrimination, racial discrimination or other types of workplace discrimination based on qualities such as national origin, religion and disability may wish to speak with an employment law attorney about their case. A member of a protected class may have a successful case although it will be necessary to demonstrate that the dismissal was not for some other reason. An attorney can also help an affected client determine a reasonable request for damages as well as other remedies.

Source: CBS News, “Backup dancers sue Cher for alleged discrimination“, September 19, 2014


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