Sexual harassment prevalent in restaurants, report finds

| Oct 8, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

According to Restaurant Opportunities Center United, approximately 90 percent of women restaurant workers may experience some form of sexual harassment. Moreover, the report finds that sexual harassment is a particular problem in states where tipped workers earn a base pay below the minimum wage.

A 34-page report done by the Restaurant Opportunities Center concludes that sexual harassment is ‘endemic to the restaurant industry.” A representative for the non-profit group reportedly suggests tipped workers throughout the entire country should make at least the federal minimum wage as base pay. Citing that female tipped restaurant workers are forced to dress and behave certain ways to get tips, the representative showed concern that these workers are subjected to an extensive amount of unwanted sexual behavior at work. National Restaurant Association executives, however, responded that the multimillion-dollar campaign is an attempt by national labor unions to thwart an industry that easily allows entry and does not put limits on the amount of money tipped workers can make.

The cited report compiled online and in-person interviews of nearly 700 restaurant workers in 39 states between May 2014 and August 2014, purportedly. It was discovered that tipped female restaurant workers were three times more likely to be instructed by management to wear sexier clothing in states with sub-minimum wage base pay for tipped positions.

People who suspect that they suffered from sexual harassment at work may wish to seek the counsel and representation of a lawyer. The attorney may help ensure that victims’ rights are protected and instruct victims as to the legal recourse they possess. Whether a case is resolved through settlement or litigation, the attorney may prove to be essential.

Source: USA Today, “Group: Sexual harassment rife in restaurants“, Bruce Horovitz, October 07, 2014


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