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January 2015 Archives

Understanding national origin discrimination

California employees may be interested in understanding more about national origin discrimination, as defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The discrimination involves mistreating an employee or applicant because they are associated or married to a person of a certain national origin or affiliation. This type of discrimination may also include mistreating employees or applicants due to their accent, ethnicity or because they appear to have emigrated from a certain country.

LGBT teacher gets her day in court in Hesperia USD

There is potentially good news for LGBT employees in California. A former Hesperia Unified School District high school teacher will get her day in court. The school district has tried twice to get the case dismissed. On Jan. 16, a San Bernardino County Superior Court judge ruled that the case can proceed.

Conciliation under attack in sex discrimination lawsuit

California workers may be interested in a lawsuit that is now in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. The lawsuit, originally filed in 2011 on behalf of a female miner by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, has been undergoing fierce litigation over the agency's use of conciliation in some cases.

An overview of minimum wages in California

Wages can be a significant concern to those starting a new job, especially if there seems to be a discrepancy between the wage that is paid and the state laws. Workers in California are affected by both state and federal guidelines, and the more strict of the two laws applies in any given situation. This means that the law that provides more of a benefit to the employee is to be used.

State reaches settlement in Manpower case

In California, an $8.75-million agreement has been reached in the matter of more than 20,000 temporary workers who attested that Manpower Inc. did not pay them their wages in a timely manner. These employees also reported that they did not receive accurate wage statements from the company.

Combating sexual harassment in the workplace

California residents may not be familiar with the recent controversies surround popular retail clothing store, American Apparel. According to a new document, the company has rewritten its code of ethics as it pertains to issues of sexual harassment that occurs in the workplace. The new procedure intends to reduce discrimination and abuse and was released less than a month after the chief executive officer was fired.

California law dictates employee breaks

The Department of Industrial Relations in the state of California requires that employers grant employees one or more breaks throughout the day based on the amount of time an individual works. The state also dictates what employees can and cannot do during meal breaks.

Race discrimination in the workplace

Race discrimination is a serious problem that can affect people in California who are employed as well as those who are seeking employment. Employers may be found guilty of race discrimination in the workplace if they treat an individual differently because of their race or color.

Sony faces class action lawsuit from former employees

Two former IT employees of Sony have a filed a lawsuit in California against the company claiming that the company failed to properly protect the personal information of its employees. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Dec. 18 and is the fourth similar lawsuit related to the hacks against the company in November. The hacks have caused a variety of hardships to the company, including a delayed release of its film The Interview due to possible violent reprisals.

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