Race discrimination in the workplace

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Race discrimination is a serious problem that can affect people in California who are employed as well as those who are seeking employment. Employers may be found guilty of race discrimination in the workplace if they treat an individual differently because of their race or color.

Workplace race discrimination, which is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as well as under California law, often takes place before a person is even hired. Job applicants who presents excellent qualifications during the interview process but who are not hired because of their race may have a case for filing race discrimination claims. A person who has been laid off while other employees of a different race are able to keep their jobs might have been a victim of race discrimination as well.

In some cases, race discrimination does not cause employees to lose their jobs, but it affects the way that they are treated at work. For example, a victim of race discrimination may not be given promotions after many years of exemplary service while employees of a different race are quickly promoted. Race discrimination can also take the form of harassment if a supervisor or coworker repeatedly makes derogatory comments about people of a certain race.

A key component of many race discrimination claims is demonstrating that an employer had a pattern of treating people of one race different than people of another race. An employment law attorney can provide counsel to a client who has suffered workplace discrimination and assist in gathering evidence of the employer’s prohibited behavior. While putting together the claim, it may be helpful to look at historical hiring and firing practices at the company.

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