Sony faces class action lawsuit from former employees

| Jan 2, 2015 | Employee Rights |

Two former IT employees of Sony have a filed a lawsuit in California against the company claiming that the company failed to properly protect the personal information of its employees. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Dec. 18 and is the fourth similar lawsuit related to the hacks against the company in November. The hacks have caused a variety of hardships to the company, including a delayed release of its film The Interview due to possible violent reprisals.

According to the lawsuit, the company should have been more prepared for a cyber attack. The plaintiffs claim that it was discovered after the 2011 PlayStation breach that compromised the personal information of millions of customers Sony did not put even the most basic security features in place. The company conceded that there was a vulnerability in their network at that time, but failed to do much of anything about it.

The damages being sought in the lawsuit are not specific. The plaintiffs are requesting appropriate relief that includes actual damages, such as may be suffered by compromised personal information, and statutory damages related to the company’s negligence, failure to properly protect the information of its employees and employee rights violations.

All employees have the right to have their personal information protected by their employer. In the digital age, when identify theft is a common threat, the importance of this security moves to the foreground. The possible damages related to stolen personal information, especially medical and financial information, cannot be underestimated. A class action lawsuit such as this one can serve as both a protection to the individual employees in the lawsuit and as a legal reminder to employers of their obligations and the consequences of not fulfilling them. A lawsuit such as this one can be seen as a legal tool for motivating companies to fulfill their duties.

Source: USA Today, “Sony hit with fourth class-action lawsuit“, Travis Reilly, December 19, 2014


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