Holding Your Employer Responsible For Wage And Hour Violations

| Feb 20, 2015 | Wage And Hour Laws |

Does your employer discourage meal breaks at work even though you work eight hours? Has your employer asked you to stay past your shift, but then does not pay you for the added time? Can your employer do these things?

The California Labor Code requires that you receive meal and rest breaks, overtime wages and an accurate paystub. To obtain relief and send a message, you need to combine the claims of affected employees together into a class action.

Employers have sought to limit their exposure to class action lawsuits by inserting arbitration agreements into employment contracts. However, a recent California case offers a tool to address wage and hour violations through a Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) claim. In our new white paper: “Power In Numbers: California Wage And Hour Class Actions” we explain the changing legal landscape. In it, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify wage and hour violations
  • The basics of a PAGA claim
  • What you can do to change your employer’s unlawful behavior

With the right information, you can put a stop to wage and hour violations. To take the first step and learn more, read our white paper today.


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