Google accused of condoning harassment by former employee

| Mar 16, 2015 | Sexual Harassment |

Media outlets have often portrayed the working environment at Google as being laid back and friendly, but that is not the picture painted by a series of social media messages posted by a former employee of the California-based company. The woman claimed in a series of tweets that she had been subjected to frequent inappropriate comments during her time with the tech giant. Her profile indicates that she worked as an engineer on the Google+ social media platform between 2010 and 2014.

The woman also alleges that Google does little to tackle unwanted sexual harassment in the workplace, and she named two senior executives of the Mountain View company as two of the offenders. She also maintains that she was reprimanded after spilling a drink on a colleague who had made an inappropriate comment to her. However, the woman also conceded that she had no evidence to back up her allegations.

Any hint of scandal at a leading technology firm is prone to draw a great deal of media attention, and the woman has now deleted her tweets and restricted access to her Twitter account. However, copies of the tweets have been published on a number of websites and social media platforms.

Many people use social media to instantly share their feelings with friends and strangers alike, but it may be wiser to discuss certain matters with an employment law attorney who can explain the steps involved in pursuing a sexual harassment case. The attorney can also assess the strengths and merits of a potential claim while making a recommendation as to the advisability of making a public accusations of misconduct.

Source: Business Insider, “A former Google employee claims she was reprimanded for speaking out about sexual harassment”, Rob Price, March 9, 2015


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