How Can You Fight Unlawful Labor Practices? Read Our White Paper

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Several months ago, we published our most recent white paper, “Power In Numbers: California Wage And Hour Class Actions.” We want to draw attention to the most basic labor law violations that deprive many Californians of income they have rightfully earned.

How can you identify and stop unlawful labor practices? We discuss common types of violations and steps you can take to obtain your rightful pay. Combining the claims of all those affects together is one way to send a message to your employer. Unfortunately, in recent years the U.S. Supreme Court has limited the class action as a remedy. In California, however, a Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) claim remains an available legal option.

In our white paper, we explain how the legal landscape has rapidly changed, including:

  • How arbitration clauses have been used in employment contracts to avoid liability
  • PAGA requirements since the right to bring a PAGA claim can’t be waived
  • Why a split between California and federal courts can affect wage and hour claims

Learn more about wage and hour violations by reading our paper. Then seek the counsel of an experienced employment law attorney who can analyze your situation.


Read Our White Paper:

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