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July 2015 Archives

Judge rules ex-players may proceed with lawsuit against MLB

A California federal district court judge ruled on July 13 that a lawsuit filed by a group of former minor league baseball players may proceed to the class certification stage. The former players are suing 22 Major League Baseball franchises for violating wage and hour laws. Although the franchises filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, the motion was denied.

Transgender people still face a lot of discrimination

By now, many California residents have read or heard the reports about prominent transgender woman Caitlyn Jenner. The largely supportive reaction that Jenner has received since announcing her gender transition has led many to believe that transgender people are more accepted in society. However, transgender people still have few legal protections in the workplace, and discrimination against transgender people is rampant.

EEOC rules that sexual orientation discrimination is illegal

California employees should be aware that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced on July 15 that discrimination against employees for their gender or sexual orientation is illegal. In fact, the ruling indicated that discrimination against transgender, gay, lesbian or bisexual individuals was illegal under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, even though sexual orientation was not highlighted under Title VII.

Transgender woman sues Wells Fargo for discrimination

A transgender woman in California filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Wells Fargo on July 14. According to the plaintiff, the bank fired her from its customer call center in El Monte because of her decision to transition from male to female. The plaintiff also alleges that she endured rude comments from her supervisors and coworkers before she was wrongfully discharged.

Help wanted ads and workplace discrimination laws

Technology is becoming increasingly important for many California companies, and they often have difficulty finding employees with the necessary IT skills. When this kind of job opening is advertised, the response can sometimes be overwhelming. While some employers accept this challenge and systematically work through all of the applications they receive, others may attempt to reduce their workload by using carefully worded ads that are designed to put off unsuitable applicants.

California employees sue for being unable to speak Spanish

Six California employees have recently filed a lawsuit against their employer after they claimed that they were being discriminated against for speaking Spanish. A news report about the filing stated that the employer had an "English-only" policy that the employees believed violated their rights under California law.

Sexual workplace harassment affects men as well

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious problem in California and around the country. Most of the time, these cases involve men approaching women. However, men can be victims as well. In a study conducted in Australia based on sexual harassment complaints filed in the last have of 2009, about 5 percent of them were filed by men who alleged they were harassed by a woman> Slightly more than 10 percent were from men who claimed they were harassed by another man, while women were also accused of harassing other women in about 6 percent of the cases.

Los Angeles County supervisors mulling over minimum wage increase

Known for its high cost of living, California is at the forefront of the fight to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles has signed a new law that will phase in just such a wage increase within the city. Now, he is promoting a similar ordinance in Los Angeles County.

CEO ordered to pay former employee $18 million

California employees may have heard that the CEO of a Wall Street investment firm was ordered to pay $18 million to a former employee for sexual harassment and retaliation. According to the lawsuit, the former employee was reportedly coerced into having a sexual relationship with the CEO but was later fired when he discovered another man in her apartment.

Nasty Gal accused of discriminating against expectant parents

California-based clothing retailer Nasty Gal is facing a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit from a former employee. According to the plaintiff, a round of layoffs at Nasty Gal resulted in all of the expectant and recent parents on the staff being let go. Three pregnant women and one man who was about to take paternity leave were laid off.

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