Nasty Gal accused of discriminating against expectant parents

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California-based clothing retailer Nasty Gal is facing a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit from a former employee. According to the plaintiff, a round of layoffs at Nasty Gal resulted in all of the expectant and recent parents on the staff being let go. Three pregnant women and one man who was about to take paternity leave were laid off.

The former Nasty Gal employees named in the lawsuit were among 10 percent of staffers at Nasty Gal who were all let go during company restructuring. A spokesperson for Nasty Gal commented that the layoffs were not motivated by the pregnancies. News of the pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against Nasty Gal has been damaging to the female-run company’s reputation.

The state of California is widely regarded as having strong legal protections for pregnant workers. Pregnant employees are supposed to be given paid family leave under the California Family Right Act. Workers are also protected from discrimination during their pregnancies under the Pregnancy Discrimination Leave Law. One attorney who commented on the Nasty Gal case said that proving a plaintiff was targeted for their pregnancy could be difficult in a layoff situation. However, he went on to say that the Nasty Gal case is more suspect given the fact that every expectant employee was laid off at once.

A person could be a victim of workplace discrimination when they are fired, laid off, denied a promotion or turned down for a job. Someone who believes that they were unfairly discriminated against because of their pregnancy might want to discuss the details of their case with an attorney in order to determine if there is any available recourse.


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