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August 2015 Archives

Federal court rules nurse's discrimination complaint can proceed

Californians may be interested to learn about an ongoing discrimination and retaliation case in Tennessee. In the case, a 53-year-old nurse is suing her former employer for age discrimination, disability discrimination and retaliatory action.

Major retailer settles following discrimination lawsuit

California retail employees may be interested to learn that Target Corp. announced on Aug. 24 that they would settle with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after they were accused of discriminating during the hiring process. They agreed to pay $2.8 million to applicants who were affected.

Former athletic director faces sexual harassment charges

California residents may be interested to know that on Aug. 19, the president of the University of Minnesota confirmed allegations of sexual harassment against its former athletic director. Earlier that month, the athletic director was let go after two female employees filed harassment charges against him, and there are more possibly cases forthcoming. The president said that there were currently less than five allegations that the school is currently investigating.

"Big Bang Theory" crew member sues for age discrimination

"The Big Bang Theory" is one of the most popular shows on television in California and around the country. The show focuses on the lives of four young scientists and their significant others. A former second assistant director of the show now says that Warner Bros. Television and the show's crew discriminated against him based on his age.

Call center employee prevails in sexual harassment case

California employees may be interested to learn that a former call center worker in Iowa has won a $11.9 million jury verdict in her lawsuit against her employer. The former employee claimed that she and her female co-workers were referred to as "sluts" and "whores." When she complained, she said she was fired.

EEOC makes ruling on sexual orientation discrimination case

As California residents may know, a ruling made recently by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission addresses sexual discrimination against transgender and homosexual individuals. In its ruling, the EEOC states that sex discrimination against stereotyped sex roles are prohibited by federal law, and such behavior could result in a discrimination lawsuit against the employer.

Minnesota athletic director resigns amid sexual harassment claims

California sports fans may be interested to learn that University of Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague resigned on Aug. 7 amid accusations that he sexually harassed two female university employees. He was hired to reshape the Golden Gophers athletic department in 2012. According to partially redacted transcripts of the sexual harassment complaints, Teague repeatedly pinched the buttocks of one employee and sent her a series of sexually suggestive texts, which continued even after she asked him to stop. Another employee alleges that Teague cornered her at an event and made unwelcome physical advances, including poking her side and rubbing her back.

Exceptions to religious discrimination laws

Most employers in California are not allowed to discriminate against employees or candidates for employment based on their religious beliefs and practices. However, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does permit some exceptions to religious discrimination rules. Title VII allows religious organizations to give preference to job candidates who share their organization's religious beliefs.

Man files lawsuit against employer for race discrimination

California employees may be interested in a recent news report about a former official with a District of Columbia agency who has filed a lawsuit against the city. In the lawsuit, he claimed that he was harassed while working at the Department of Public Works before being terminated for his race.

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