“The Big Bang Theory” is one of the most popular shows on television in California and around the country. The show focuses on the lives of four young scientists and their significant others. A former second assistant director of the show now says that Warner Bros. Television and the show’s crew discriminated against him based on his age.

The man has now filed an age discrimination lawsuit against Warner Bros. Television and various unidentified other defendants in Los Angeles Superior Court. The plaintiff had worked on “The Big Bang Theory” since the series began. According to his complaint, when he turned 50 years old in 2012, Warner Bros. Television began to push him aside and reassigned his formal duties as second assistant director. He claims the change was due to a desire to introduce younger members into the directorial team.

As second assistant director, the plaintiff served as the primary liaison to the actors, all of whom are quite younger than he is, on a daily basis. However, after he turned 50, he claims that the young actors began to ostracize him. His duties involving interaction with the actors went to two other members of the crew who were in their early twenties and thirties. The plaintiff claims that he was subject to age discrimination, successive demotions and ultimately termination by Warner Bros. Television.

Age discrimination lawsuits can be very complex. In this case, the producer told him that he was replaced because the younger members related to the actors better. The plaintiff, however, claims the real reason for the actions was his age. An individual who is demoted, reassigned or terminated and thinks that the action may be the result of age discrimination may want to talk to an employment law attorney. Legal counsel may be able to investigate the claims and determine how to proceed.

Source: Deadline Hollywood, “Warner Bros TV Sued For Age Discrimination by Veteran ‘Big Bang Theory’ Crew Member,” Erik Pedersen, Aug. 17, 2015